09/28/09 - posted by jb
Yes, this program introduced me to three great Americans; A.P. Giannini and Ben Franklin with his "penny saved is a penny earned." I kept that account till my mom, now single, had to support us 3 kids on a tellers salary from First Western Bank and I transfered the account to her branch. Recall getting paid 1 penny/envelop stuffed and sealed with a Crhistmas promotion her bank was sending out. I can still taste the glue. My grandfather would give each granchild a dollar when ever we saw him and if you didn't save 50 cents of it, you didn't get another buck.

All these experiences helped make me save religiously, able to experience what J.P. Morgan called the eigth wonder of the world...compounding interest.

Like Frank, I bought my first car with seed money first planted in elementary school. Alas, they must have been lemon pits, but that's a whole other story.

I didin't have a credit card till I was 30; an American Express card wich I rearely used because, unlike their ad campaign, most folks in the small town where I lived already "knew me."
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