10/08/09 - posted by Helen Stapp
Thank you for such an interesting article. My Dad sailed into San Francisco Bay, for the first time, in perhaps 1929. In 1937, he met my Mom at my Grandmother's restaurant on Rincon Hill. They married in '38 and raised a family of 7 children in Eureka Valley. My 3 brothers went to sea, also. All in the "black gang". And all eventually becoming marine engineers, like our Dad.
The Marine Exchange was a well used service in my family. That and the Shipping News, in the papers everyday. Expecting a ship in or to leave, or need a job, watch the shipping news. Need a time that ship is going to dock call the Marine Exchange. I remember the excitment of someone coming home and calling the Marine Exchange was so much a part of that. I surely hope this building is preserved for all of San Francisco.
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