07/26/09 - posted by Paul
Hey, Candis,
Sorry for being so long in responding. I was not one who hung at Mr. Mehdy's place. I probably entered 3-4 times in my seven semesters at the old brickpile before completing at the ugliest high school building in the city - the new Lowell. Mr. Mehdy's influence had deep ties to our class as at least ten of our classmates went on to a career in pharmacy. I spoke with one of them on Friday whose final days in the profession were with one of the nationwide chains. He compared it with working twelve hour shifts on an assembly line. Not inspiring of confidence in the pharmaceuticals that we find our bodies now requiring.
My drug store story from my youth involves Steve Kaplan's father's drug store in Beriberi somewhere around South City. It made the local papers when its inventory was rearranged by the big earthquake of March 22, 1957.
Going a bit farther back were the rumors in the 1930s that the Shumate Drug Store chain supplied necessities to the women of the night during the time old man Shumate was a police commissioner but most have forgotten the police scandals of the 1930s broken by the IRS when some tart claimed police protection as a legitimate business expense.
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