07/12/09 - posted by Frank Grant
Speaking about pharmacies, my father owned and ran the Grant Drug Company at Haight and Scott Streets where there was a huge likeness of General Grant outside the store which attracted many comments. I often worked there, especially on hot days to work in the soda fountain. Back in those days, cokes were .05, ice cream sodas .10, milkshakes .15, and our most costly item was a banana split at .35.

In addition to working the soda fountain, I swept floors, went to the bank, waited on customers, delivered prescriptions, and even put medications in capsules, with guidance,of course. I was paid .35 per hour and there were many adults back in the 1930s who would have liked to earn that kind of money.

My father was a warm and friendly person, often greeting people in a language other than English. Many of our customers become long time family friends and many were often at our home for dinner. They often reciprocated as well.

Frank Grant
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