07/09/09 - posted by jb
Frank the butcher...always a raw hot dog or the eand of a bologna, sliced and handed over the counter in a white swatch of waxed paper. Maybe they were chumming for moms with liberal meat budgets but I like to believe it was one of the ways kids, who were more often seen than heard back then, got a feel for recognition and reward. It wasn't an automatic and every kid didn't get one; it was a wonderful surprise and maybe a smile was all the reward he or many of his brethern behind the case needed to go home and say " I had a good day at work today...you should have seen this kid's face!"

No need to close with a diatribe about how things have changed or bring in footnotes from Upton Sinclair...better to remember how exotic and filled with kindness, a raw hot dog could taste.
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