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Attention: Anyone who attended Lowell when it was on Hayes Street; Anyone who lived on Hayes, or close by (Panhandle area); Those who worked at the Catholic hospital a little to the West on Hayes; Perhaps some SI High/USF students/teachers; These memories are for you and for anyone else who is interested.

Mr. Mehdy opened his little neighborhood Lowell Pharmacy in 1921, and it was a hangout for Lowell students, and some teachers and administrators as well. He was advised that a brand new Lowell would soon be constructed some distance away. Of course, it was--it opened in 1962! I remember seeing a diploma, and some other papers on the wall. He finished pharmacy school in 1903, 06, or maybe 08; sometime after 1900 and before 1910. I think his first name was Ezra, but no one ever called him that--he was Mr. Mehdy to everyone.

He appeared very mild mannered, but no one with any intelligence equal to, or greater than, a sponge dared mess with him. Anyone who didn't quiet down when requested, used foul language, littered the sidewalk or blocked the entrance, or made too many smart remarks was 86ed for life. No more candy bars, no sitting at the soda fountain and drinking Coke, no emergency paper or pen purchases, not one foot in the door again. I never heard him raise his voice, but I did see him send a classmate out the door. His tactics were amazing--and more effective than waterboarding. If the CIA ever figures out exactly how he did it, none of our prisoners have a chance!

I enjoyed going across the street before school if I was early, and spending fifteen to twenty cents (!) on a breakfast of Coke or other soda and a candy bar or two. Hey, it kept me awake during some boring morning classes, as well as a carried over burst of energy for PE.

Apparently, the soda fountain was removed right after Lowell departed the area, but Mr. Mehdy remained for many years. Eventually, he no longer filled prescriptions, but still had a sort of neighborhood convenience store long after Lowell was gone.

I had my senior year left to complete at the New Lowell. I would frequently walk over to Stonestown Blum's after school, but it wasn't equal in any way to Lowell Pharmacy. I just looked at my 1961 yearbok, and there he is in his little shop with a group of students.

Paul Rosenberg, I know you remember. Who else remembers Mr. Mehdy? Along with meeting God, and finding my late husband, I plan to spend the beginning of my new life in the next world visiting Mr. Mehdy. I wonder if he will give me a Coke in a paper cup at a heavenly soda fountain.
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