06/13/09 - posted by John Martini
One of my earliest memories is riding the old Geary streetcars from Grandma's house on 10th Ave out to Playland at the Beach. (How old was I -- maybe 3?) It was definitely pre-1956 'cause that's when the B cars stopped running.

MUNI must have still been using the old double-ended cars at the time because I distinctly remember watching in fascination as the motorman pulled up his fare box at the end of the line and walked it to the opposite end of the car where he plopped it into a hole in the floorboards.

Cut to today. I'm now 58 years old, driving west on Geary alongside the endless planted medians that now mark the alignment of the old tracks, and a question comes to mind: Any chance some of the old tracks are still there, buried under the ivy and discarded Starbuck's cups?

(Don't laugh. When the City rehabbed Marina Green in the 1970s they left behind and paved over the railroad tracks that led to the Presidio. And I once watched a PG&E crew use a torch to cut through long-forgotten tracks beneath Union Street.)
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