Re: 2700 Geary st

05/16/09 - posted by Charles

The store, I think, was Rite-Way. Old phone books and city directories, available at some local libraries, would resolve the question. Likewise when the western part of Geary was changed from street to boulevard. As a general guide, the SF public library Internet digitized photo collection for the Richmond District in 1927 refers to street, in 1945 it's boulevard. You can find a current-day photograph of the modern building at that address via Google Earth. And the Internet shows one of the businesses at that address is a pest control company; another is the non-profit Institute on Aging.

I can't find an early photograph, but the Rite-Way store is vivid in my mind's eye. About 1934 our family purchased a bunk bed set with desk and night stand for use by my brother and me in our Parkside District home. First the beds were stacked, later separated. I slept in one of the beds for two decades. Considering how the years have added up since then, perhaps I should go back there and study at the Institute on Aging - to prepare for that last, long sleep.

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