04/30/09 - posted by John Martini
Nice find! I vote for the mid to late-1970s as a date for this menu. The mention of water-upon-request harkens back to the Great Drought Scare of 1977-1978 when we were putting bricks in our toilets, saving "gray water" for watering the garden and (whenever possible) showering with a friend.

Also check out the cable car motif running throughout the menu. This may tie down the menu's origin to the Zim's at the corner of Hyde and Beach, right across from the cable car turntable. It was one of two restaurants where I routinely grabbed a nosh when I was working at the Historic Ships at Hyde Street Pier in the late '70s. (My other watering hole was the Buena Vista Cafe on the opposite corner when I needed something sterner than a burger.)

BTW, this is a four-page menu and you can see the additional pages by clicking on the little diamond at the bottom to back and forth.

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