04/30/09 - posted by jb
Gotta vote for Clown Alley as the best burger in the 60's-70's. Joe's of Westlake remains a very close second and you can still get one anytime they are open. You have to ask for the "garnsih" otherwise you get a burger on a french roll; cheese is optional. Sam's in Tiburon was always a favorite when I was sailing the Bay in the early 90's. As was the Presidio Yatch Club at the North end of the GG Bridge. seems they wereonly $1.50. "Hamburgers" in Sausalito still makes a dynamite patty; look for a line across from the ferry boat landing and go stand in it.

Today, I have no idea where to get the "best burger" in SF. Might want to start with "YELP" reviews to get your Burger Crawl on. I tried Hamburger Mary's once..."once" being the operative word here.
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