05/03/09 - posted by don paolino
To respond to Norm about the burgers of today, when I come to SF to visit my mom at the nursing home in the Hayes Valley, my vote for the most varied list of available burgers would be Bill's between 24th and 23rd and Clement. Around the block from St. Monicas on Geary, my old alma mater. The biggest one in Bill's is the "Full Bernie", a one pound double bacon cheeseburger. A heart attack on a plate. Bill's chili is good too, as is the one at Mel's. Mel's burgers are also very good, but not much a selection as at Bill's. I have been to the Mel's at both the Van Ness location and the Geary one and the food is cooked the same. I would like to have their recipes. Good stuff.
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