05/01/09 - posted by Frank Dunnigan
Sadly, Zim's bit the dust in October of 1995, the victim of higher food costs, rising real estate prices, low-cost competition, and changing tastes among its customers. The chain had a 48-year run from its founding in 1947, and at its peak, had 25 locations throughout the Bay Area. Legend always had it that the chain was founded after World War II by a returning GI who thought of rich cheeseburgers and thick milkshakes while serving under Patton in Europe. Go to SFgate.com & enter Zim's in the search box to connect to articles from both the Examiner and the Chronicle, outlining the chain's demise. Founder Art Zimmerman, always a generous benefactor to local charities, died in January of 2008, just before his 88th birthday. His obit is also listed just below the above articles.
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