10/25/09 - posted by Paul Judge
Following up on Leif's posting regarding My California: Journeys by Great Writers edited by Donna Wares. Here's the web site regarding that project.

I had the pleasure at Sonoma State of taking courses from Gerald Haslam one of the authors in this project. Haslam himself writes and edits anthologies of California places and Western writers. Through his stories and novels Haslam writes of his upbringing and life in the towns, orchards, packing houses, and oil fields of the San Joaquin Valley. If he wrote restaurant menus I'd read 'em.

Haslam attended S.F. State where he and a buddy of his Stephen Gaskin (Gaskin dropped out latter to become teacher of Monday Night Class - held at amongst other places around town Skateland at the beach and the Sunday Sunrise at Sutro Heights Park. Gaskin became co-honcho of The Farm in Summertown, Tennessee when in early 1971 he and his followers uprooted and left town in their converted school busses to create a large commune.) were mentored by semanticist S.I. Hayakawa.

( Jus’ following the thread with where the trail leads, Ma’am. You’ve heard of String Theory haven’t you? Of course no matter how far out is sounds it should always lead back to the Outsidelands.)
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