04/11/09 - posted by Frank Dunnigan
I probably never fully appreciated getting dragged off to see all of Grandma's brothers & sisters & cousins & their families when I was growing up, but I'm very grateful now for all those visits. Those wonderful folks gave me the bits and pieces that I needed to track our family history, and to enhance the story with the tales of people's daily lives.

Strange, though, that it is now the grandchildren of all these long-gone individuals who are my favorite relatives. We all share those common childhood experiences, when most families lived in SF itself, and visiting was a regular activity--checking in with the living on Saturdays & the departed at Holy Cross Cemetery on Sundays.

I spent a week in Colorado at Christmas last year with 4 of my cousins, all siblings, who gathered from different places. Their grandfather was my grandmother's favorite brother, with just a year's age difference between them, and their Dad and my Mom, first cousins to each other, were born exactly one year to the day apart, and lived on the same block when they were growing up. We regaled each other with stories of visiting all of our wonderfully eccentric relatives, and we each had the same heart-warming recollections, which we shared over dinner each night.

This piece suddenly got a lot longer, as I began to recall some of the people and stories, but I'll wrap it here and save the details for an upcoming Streetwise!

Happy Easter & warm thoughts of Grandma's cousin Ann, who used to make her own rocky road Easter eggs for everyone--mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
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