04/10/09 - posted by jb
A friend just sent an article about two 50-somethings lamenting a local teen involved with a meth lab bust. "We didn't have a drug problem when we were young." The friend replies
"I did! My parents 'drug' me to church, 'drug' me to cultural events, 'drug' me to school..."

In reading the Easter/Passover stories, it occurs to me that my generation was 'drug' to many activites which, while hardly our first choice, clearly made an impression and helped shape who we are today. I look back and recall hundreds of situations which I might have passed on to stay home and watch TV, if given free will. My parents, and all adults, seemingly thought they knew what was best.
They were older and bigger...'nuff said.

I was nine, and a very picky eater, when Gus Sabastiani "drug' me to confront his wife's chicken cacchiatore with polenta and I have yet to put down my fork. I was taken, kicking and screaming, to my first live performance at the Curren; dragged through the Palace of the Legion of Honor. 'Drug' to religious services where there was either too much food or none at all; singing and dancing or complete silence and women crying.
Me: "The 3-Stooges were Jewish and they never had to go to services." Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk...
Them: "get in the car or you'll go to hell, just like those Three Stooges!"

In all fairness, my folks made most of these events an adventure and took us to "adult" places as long as we would behave like adults. So while missing a few episodes of "Father Knows Best" and "Kukla, Fran & Ollie," much to my initial chagrin and later amazement, I gained a wider cultural perspective and appreciation for the City.

What about you? What "drug" experiences did you endure as a kid and which ones left their mark? Or do we have to drag it out of you?
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