03/12/09 - posted by jb
Seems this is the one day when EVERYONE is Irish. As a kid, I always felt a special sense of pride and even if every teacher butchered my last name, t'was now a fine one to be wearing on St. Paddy's Day and amongst the top 20 in Ireland. Always flashed green from someplace, wanting to be the pincher and not the pinchee. Corned beef & cabbage for dinner was as sure as the sun rising. And we'd put on the old Irish 78's with tunes like "Same Ol' Shalelee" and "Who threw the overalls in Mrs. Murphy's chowder?"
This year will be different. We'll be celebrating in Jerusalem after a day of visiting Masada and the Dead Sea, with a quick drive by Qumran, where Jesus spent time with the Essences in hiding, like the IRA in the caves of Killarney. Seems being different and advocating freedom has never been popular.
Never quite got the green beer connection but a boilermaker with Guinness and Jamesonís (none of that Orange whiskey for me) always seems like a taste of reverence. So when we get back to Jerusalem, maybe we'll place our prayers for peace in the Western Wall and go have a libation at the King David Hotel: For its view of the Old City, naturally, not because it was blown up to protest British rule in 1946.

Slainte & L'Chaim,
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