03/12/09 - posted by Jo Anne Q.
Gee Norm, the ad below your post is quite lively and colorful! As a Ukranian/Russian/Polish kid adopted by an All-Irish family, I guess I will have to purchase the "Irish by Association" graphic.

Having gone to Catholic school, and wearing a uniform, we could not dress up all in green, so we sported a bit of green somewhere on our apparel. When at St. Cecilia's, this was not a problem as part of the uniform consisted of green sweaters for both the boys and the girls. In high school, where my uniform did not have green in it, if we forgot to add that festive touch, we could always claim that we were wearing green underwear!

My family (consisting of Quinns, Hennessys, Coughlans and Cadogans) was, of course, very big about St. Pat's day. We always had corned beef and cabbage for dinner (I hated both)and the adults finished the meal off with an Irish coffee, liberally laced with Hennessy 4-Star whiskey, or a Grasshopper aperitif (not because it was a traditional Irish drink, but because it was green). My aunt also made Irish soda bread, which was great!

Hennessy relatives still living in Ireland always sent us greetings and a small box of shamrocks, picked in their own back yard. By the time they arrived in the U.S. they were rather dried out and dismal looking.
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