03/17/09 - posted by Paul Rosenberg
The Irish-Israeli Society began in the mid 1960s with George Reilly and Nate Cohn getting together for lunch every now and again with their friends. Pretty soon, they invited Charlie Barca to join them and formed the Irish-Israeli-Italian Society of San Francisco. Just in case, George Reilly served on the board of supervisors through appointment by Mayor Rossi when Franck R. Havenner resigned to go to Washington as a congressman. He won election in 1937 and the next year he defeated incumbent Andy Gallagher for a seat on the state Board of Equalization. He won re-election eleven times and held the record for longest tenure in a state office at 43 years. He ran unsuccessfully for mayor in 1943 (against the man who appointed him to the board of supervisors) and in 1955. Nate Cohn has practiced law in San Francisco for over a half century and in 2006 published Murder He Liked: A Half-Century of Trials and Tribulations. Charlie Barca was a SFPD captain. George and Charlie have gone to their rewards and former city treasurer Mary Callinan is the Irish President and recycled food mogul Len Stefanelli is the Italian President now. The St Patrick's Day lunch on the 18th will be at the SF Italian Athletic Club.
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