03/15/09 - posted by Paul Judge
If you share a blood line with ancestors from Ireland or your soul gravitates to the mystery therein, I heartily recommend picking up this wonderful book by Thomas Lynch. He offers the reader a lot to ponder...

Booking Passage: We Irish and Americans
by Thomas Lynch
(W.W. Norton & Company)

Publisher's blurb:
"Part memoir, part cultural study, Booking Passage is a brilliant, often comedic guidebook for those whom Lynch calls "fellow travelers, fellow pilgrims" making their way through their own and the larger histories. A writer's returning to the old country reveals the binding ties of family, faith, language and home-place -- the precious and perilous nature of tribe and "people" and ethnicity."

Mr. Lynch is a wonderful poet and writer and family undertaker, no kidding!
He was the subject of documentary featured at last year's San Francisco Irish Film Festival.
You may find out more about him and his work here with links to interviews etc.:


Not a bad way to reflect upon life and chances this St. Patrick's Day.
Celebrate a good one, you'all.

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