03/04/09 - posted by jb
Good call, Woody!

Sid's pitches were all low and outside. I just lament with a bit of concern that his is the generation which will have it the toughest and being so cynical at such a young age is painful. I wish some more young folks would post here, on topic, to get a better perspective of where they are coming from. I'd sure welcome a post from your daughter about her experience in the Chinese New Years’ parade. Of course, Frank Dunnigan's youthful exuberance is as refreshing as a Delaware Punch on a hot Summer's day. Maybe we can clone him?

Hi JQ,

Before I pour the Geritol on my bran flakes, I think there is a long string on paperpeople that started with my ragging about the folks who used to stiff me on my News-Call route in the early 60's. I just can't seem to locate it with the search engine.

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