02/09/03 - posted by Warren Crandall
Just a brief comment about Mr. Brian O' Neil and the so called input. One thing about the Park Service is you may give input but that doesn't mean they are gonna listen to it. The input he got was overwhelmingly in favor of keeping the Musee in the Cliff House basement. Most of those who had any oppostion to the plan agreed to a compromise of putting the Musee Mechainque in the proposed Visitors Center
which we were told the funding had been secured for. At least that was my understanding of the deal. Well when it all turned out so to speak it happened that the funding for the Visitors Center was not in place. Maybe all of the bad feelings were due to misunderstandings but personally I feel that the GGNRA lied too us. On the oter hand the Zelinskys were always in favor of being friendly to the GGNRA so who knows? There is one thing to note though. The Musee was losing $30,000.00 on average every year. The Zelinskys are more than able to cover that annual loss. I'm thinking that maybe now that they are at pier 45 they will make a profit from it and end up keeping the Musee somewhere at Fishermans Wharf and not have to deal with the GGNRA if they ever move from pier 45.
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