01/24/09 - posted by Nick & Tanya
We will be glad to dig them up at the parents house and bring them by. Its a neat timeline. My mom came here from Italy in 1956 and settled on Steiner and Geary St with my grandparents in an old Victorian that was later either moved or toen down. There is a KFC and a Cleaners there now. They took many trips and loved the city and my grandpa was a shutterbug. Lots of old SF, Russian River, and Mt Lassen photos. All favorite places of theirs.

It is tragic that all that history was wiped out like that. Tragic since it can never be rebuilt. We always marvel at the photo of the old gates when at Sutro Park. What a work of art. Wish there were more clear photos of the house and carriage house though.

Also on a sideline we hike Land's End regularly and are always wondering where the tunnel used to be? We love tracking all the old landmarks. Guess being an archaeologist is in the blood.

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