01/04/09 - posted by Candis Smyk Hurlbut
As usual, as with most of my life, my education was not simple, uncomplicated, or straightforward. It, too, spiraled and zig zagged!

We moved to SF December 1956, just before Christmas. After locating a place to rent (1274 Tenth Avenue), I attended yet another (making a total of 5 or 6) school in yet another state: Laguna Honda on Seventh Ave. at Irving St. (not at the home for the elderly) January 1957 for the last couple of days of L5, then started H5 the next week. Graduated H6 June 1957.

Herbert Hoover Jr. High September 1957 (L7) to June 1959 (H8). Some lucky few loved junior high; I hated it, so I transferred to:

Lowell (Hayes St.) September 1959 (L9) thru June 1962 (H11). Lowell moved to the "new" location September 1962 (L12), where I graduated on time with my class in June 1963. I and my family also relocated, again just before Christmas 1962, to 47 Avenue. I always envied those who attended the same 2 or 3 schools their parents, grandparents, and sometimes great grandparents had also attended. My sister started Laguna Honda, then Francis Scott Key, grade schools, Giannini Jr. High, and Lincoln. My lucky nephew attended only Key, Giannini, and Lincoln.

I attended SF City College September 1963 thru June 1965, and left to go to work full time before completing all requirements to graduate. I attended SF State (downtown extension) part time at night while working and earning enough to be independently destitute. I married, and returned to City College in Feb. 1968 and finished my A.A (Social Science). Transferred to SF State main campus Feb. 1969 part time while working again, graduating in January 1971 (BA, History).

Keep your eye on the goal! There were those who were better students than I who never finished their first year of college. It still is much easier to attend college in SF than in most other areas. You there, reading this now, it is never too late, too difficult, too impossible for you to go back and achieve a degree. If I did it, so can you!

**If I have convinced one person to return, I have already done something worth while in 2009. I believe in you; now believe in yourself...you will graduate!
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