01/04/09 - posted by Frank Dunnigan
1957-58: Parkside--K & L1
1958-66: St. Cecilia's--1-8
1966-69: S.I. Stanyan Street
1969-70: S.I. 37th Avenue
1970-71: Santa Clara University
1971-77: USF--Bachelor's Degree
1977-78: Skyline College
1985-86: SF State

Strange when you think about it, that S.I. operated on Stanyan Street from the Fall of 1929 to the Spring of 1969 (my dad & my uncle were Freshmen at the old "Shirt Factory" building on Hayes Street & moved over to Stanyan as Sophomores...I spent my first 3 years on Stanyan, and was in the first class to graduate from 37th Avenue). The "new school" on 37th Avenue opened in the Fall of 1969, and IS EXACTLY THE SAME AGE NOW AS STANYAN STREET WAS WHEN IT CLOSED. Whew--I'm definitely feeling my age today!
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