12/10/08 - posted by Roy Thomas
On the morning of Dec. 7 1941, I was playing with a couple of friends in the "Monkey Trees," at McCoppin Square Park. (The trees were "twisted" acacias occupying the space where the Parkside Branch Library now stands.) We heard shouting and commotion on Taraval St., with the words "Pearl Harbor" and "Japs" standing out. I had never heard of Pearl Harbor. We ran to our homes. My parents were glued to the radio, and seemed very upset. By day's end I had heard about the attack enough to make me really afraid. When it was dark, sirens sounded all over the place and men came down the streets telling everyone to turn off the lights. I seem to remember searchlights in the sky also, but am not sure if it was the same night. Even though it was December, I remember neighbors standing around outside in small groups, talking about the day's events, and wondering what would come next....
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