12/08/08 - posted by Frank Grant
It was a warm and pleasant morning on December 7, 1941 in the Parkside District. My brother Charles and I, two teen-agers, were out in our backyard at our house on 20th Avenue across the street from the southernmost Larson Park.

We were tinkering with a small radio made by my brother when we heard a news broadcast stating "The Japanese have bombed Pearl Harbor." Our first thought was, "Where is Pearl Harbor?" We ran into the house to tell our mother about it.

Not too long after this, my mother received a call from Interceptor Command to report for duty down on Sansome Street where they check for unidentified aircraft. We drove her down to that office and we drove through the area which is now known as Japan Town. There were very few Japanese to be seen at that time.

The next night sirens sounded and there was a blackout. I recall our air raid warden running up and down the street getting people to turn out their lights. He also called out,"There are 50 Jap bombers over the Golden Gate!" Of course this was incorrect but an attempt to get people to turn off their lights. It was a frightening time, to say the least.

My father and I wound up as auxiliary firemen and my brother as a messenger. I wound up in the Army air Corps and my brother in the Navy. We both lived through it all.

Frank Grant

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