11/16/08 - posted by Frank Dunnigan
Just saw the November issue of Gourmet magazine, and among all the great Thanskgiving recipes was an ad for LandRover. One quick glance, and I noticed that it was shot from what looked like one of those small streets high on Twin Peaks, with SF in the background. Then I thought that my eyes were playing tricks on me...There was no Market Street cutting up the middle of the picture! And the Bank of America building and Transamerica Pyramid were located SOUTH of the Bay Bridge towers...wait a minute, there's another exact copy of the Bay Bridge just south of the first one! Fox Plaza and the AAA building on Van Ness also appear twice, once where they should be, and again near the 2nd Bay Bridge. The Golden Gate Avenue Federal Building is there, but no City Hall. And there's absolutely no Embarcadero Center or Golden Gateway buildings. It also looks like a double-decked freeway is running smack into the center of the more southerly of the 2 AAA buildings. PhotoShop running wild! Can you spot any others?
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