09/27/14 - posted by marshal
Homewood Terrace provided me with a place to grow from , it was my last and only option. As last options go it was OK with the proviso that things are what you make of them. Those who complained constantly that their "needs" were not being catered to typically remembered it as a bad experience where as those of us who adapted were able to thrive. I see where I am called names by one who I have no memory of . I suspect the reason I do not remember him is the same reason that he felt put upon . He did not get the attention he wanted. Apparently still dwelling upon this some 35 years later.

We are none of us the embryonic personalities we were so long ago . Unless of course we refuse to grow and move on.

Other descriptions of me while inaccurate also convey a certain fondness by the authors . I assure them I feel the same despite my lack of contact.

I am and have always been a solitary and private person . It is only recently that I realized that in the absence of explanation people will fill in the blanks and not always in the most flattering (or accurate) light.

So be it , I am happy being who I am . Even if those who must know do not.
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