01/19/08 - posted by Larry Steinberg
My name is Larry Steinberg. I lived at Homewood terrace from 1969 till 1972 at 832 32nd avenue. I was there because I was not getting along well at home with my single mom. I was a very rebelious youngster at the time, I guess I was a reflection of the turbulent 60’s. I was sent to 375 woodside (juvenile) hall and was pretty scared at the real criminal(murderers etc) juveniles I was housed with. After about two weeks of that, I was made a ward of the State of California and was moved to Homewood terrace. I immediately fell in love with the place. An always full refridgerator, laundry service, and very caring houseparents made the place seem like heaven. It was a beautiful house on 32nd and Fulton st. right across from Golden Gate park and Spreckles lake. The kids in that place I will never forget are, Dave Hoerl one of the greatest harmonica players I have ever heard. Jamming with Elvin Bishop at his once a week Keysone Corner gig’s, and since then has become very famous in Canada with his band “Twisters” which can be found here www.northernblues.com/bio_twisters.html.Also the brothers Marshal and Israel Rothman who became brothers to me. When we left Homewood terrace we lived together and supported one another for a time. We are still in close contact to this day. The Rothmans are a great story and I hope one day to see it told. Israel is CEO of www.socialmediasystems.com He is an international recognized internet consultant specializing in intentional search engine placement, SEO and web design. He has been married for twenty eight years and has two adult children, Soloman and Terra. Terra is a musician who lives in Berkeley while Soloman is Chief geek and Information Officer for Social Media Systems. Israel currently resides in Redmond Washington. His brother Marshal is a multi-millionaire home builder, private investor and one of the original supporter founders of the Mill Valley film Festival. Israel his brother and I, both suspect Marshal is a hitman or mechanic for the CIA or the MOB. Marshal Rothman is married for the third time and living in his 6 million dollar Mill Valley home. He has no children. I’m still trying to find the Ivory’s who were my houseparents, and my friends Louie Green and Micheal Finegold, both have been only in my memory for more then 35years. And as for myself, I received my AA at the College of San Mateo in the subject of aeronautics in 1974 and became a pilot, CFI,CFII and ATP until I was grounded by coronary artery disease in 1997. Married 25 years to my beautiful wife Jan, I am currently working with Israel Rothman as Senior Operations Officer for Social Media Systems and currently reside in the Southern Hills area of Daly City. I have always dreamed of a place where I could write about my experience growing up in Homewood Terrace, and the beneficial effect it has had throughout my life. I hope other alum’s will also post their stories of Homewood terrace here. Thanks for giving me a place to do it
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