Re: Mother Larke's Doll House

03/16/21 - posted by FRED GILLASPY

Mother Larke's son, Harvey Larke, was the Division Sales Manager for the East Bay sales department for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. back in the '40s, 50's and '60s. My dad, W.E. Gillaspy, was his boss, whose West Coast RJR office was located at 3418 Judah from about 1955 to 1972. Prior to my dad's gaining the position, Harvey worked with/eventually for another San Francisco old-timer, Robert "Bob" O'Bannon. His office was in the Tilden Sales Building at 444 Market. Harvey always talked about his mother's doll collection. As a very young squirt I met "Mother Larke" but at the time, being about 5 years of age, it really did not register!

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