10/17/07 - posted by jb
Thanks Nick!

I'm more like "The Dingbat of Daly City" and, most regrertfully, can not make Monday nights, as it is my day in the barrel at work...Yes, believe it or not, I have a day job that runs a 10 hour shift from 9-7 and centers on 'rithmatic rather than 'riting; hence, my digital dissertations posted here. I should be paying Woody for therapy.

So perhaps He and Dave might schedule an occasional Wednesday night gathering...if not, I demand live-cam or YouTube of this blessed gathering of multi-hooded neighbors. And maybe we need to develop a secret handshake to screen out any interlopers at the Cliff House Bistro bar. Had a woman who ohhhh-deed on vodka and Geritol last time, trying to figure out a way to
bungie-cord Paul to the roof of her Suburban and take him home.

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