09/03/07 - posted by Paul Judge
There goes POPCORN!

In an article headlined, "The end of time is near" by Steve Rubenstein in the morning SF Comical (A little disrespectful towards the morning rag as Herb Caen might've referred to it, even the brass plaque in the lobby of The Chronicle building once had typos in it!) the phone company's Time Lady will be retired on September 19th.

Claiming that the number of calls have dropped off due to digital technology rendering the need for 'time service' reached for generations by dialing the prefix 767-followed by four digits (any digits by the way, but remembering it as 'Popcorn' was universally the coolest.) unnecessary and that their equipment is obsolete this public service will fade into memory.

"Good Morning, at the tone Pacific Daylight Time will be..." Beep!

Just for the fun of it WNP readers who are residents of Nevada and California (The only states that are still served by the ‘Time Lady’.) should flood the phone lines with Popcorn.

The article can be read here:

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