03/02/05 - posted by Karyn Ann Bosso
Herb's Meatball Sandwich - the BEST SANDWICH EVER!!!!

Yeah, I stood in those lines that you mention...the entire Sunset and Parkside would show up on Thursdays and - if you were lucky - you got your meatball sandwich order before they RAN OUT!!!

The developers that bought the storefront (and the others) where Herb's was located - never seemed to do anything with the property - I'll have to notice what's there now - the next time I'm on Taraval.

The closest I found was at Java Beach on Judah St - they have a special meatball sandwich with or without the provolone - ALMOST (not quite) as good as Herbs - made and served on Thursdays only - and get there early!!

Karyn Ann Bosso

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