01/14/23 - posted by Mike Patterson
During the 70's my dad, introduced me to Herb's deli, since he worked at St. Ignatius as aa math teacher. He would take me there as a kid or Sunday's before the niners games to get food for the game. We lived on 42nd Ave between Travel and Santiago in the 70s. I went to St. Gabriel's, then St. Ignatius. We then move to Lansdale Ave on Mt' Davidson in 1977, I was 7. I remember usually getting the herby burpy on a full roll of Parisian bread and Herb would have you pick out the loaf. Also, I cannot say enough about the potato salad, it was awesome. Unfortunately, I never tried the meatball sando's, as the line around the block was too much for me. I still make Herb's burpy's today as a matter of fact, I just bought all the ingredients to make it for Saturday's niner game vs. seattle 1/14/2023.
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