08/01/07 - posted by Roy Thomas
Dave....I started at SF State Coll. in 1950 ... Most of my classes were at the old campus behind the Mint..(Is it still UC Extension?) For a couple of classes we boarded a school bus out to the new campus. At that time there was only the football stadium, (which I think was built just before the war, but not used until after.) The classes were in shacks as you described close to Lake Merced Blvd. I was in the navy from 1951-1955 and when I got back there were 5 permanent buildings in use and no more downtown. I left after a year so didn't witness further construction. I think it consisted of the Science Bldg. another classroom bldg., (or 2,) along Junipero Serra Blvd. There was a parklike open space to the west with the Cafeteria & Performing Arts building on the other side. I think that was all at that time...
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