08/08/22 - posted by Barbara Du Shey Baker
I remember Mrs. Esther .Bougner on Saturdays and Sundays we got to go to the El Ray. Theatre. Most times on Sundays it was just my 3 sisters and a few other kids. Our parents hardly ever came on Sundays. My housemother Mrs Bourne took me to her daughters house I think it was in Daily city. She was so nice and caring. I really loved her. She was a discipline lady. I respected her. Miss Lewiston cottage 24 was so sweet. She used to crack her knuckles so I followed suit. Lol. Yep to this day I crack em. She took me to the cottage by 24 showed me her room. There was a big picture of her as a child on the wall. It was sad as I remember thinking alone by herself in this big empty house. I do have so many happy memories From my first day to my last. So if you need a name or a event we had, let me know. All I can say is when Tony Bennett sings San Francisco I want to cry. Only sad thing was was.not Homewood it was Jew haters at Farragut elementary school. But the home like in the wizard of oz was like Emerald city. .
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