08/02/10 - posted by W. M.
It's been 35 years since I visited City Lights and I know what you mean about the "off-beat" book offerings. The reason I thought about it though was since it has been a local bookstore for over 50 years, they may offer local author books which of course could include historical literature as well. Like I mentioned, they don't put their entire stock online and suggest you call them with questions about other books you are looking for.

Come to think of it now, some of the postings, articles, and photos published on this website maybe should be transformed into an Outsidelands historical book (in print) sometime. Not to take away from Lorri Ungaretti's historical Sunset/Richmond books, but it could make interesting addition to portray what life was like during OUR TIMES and as told by those of us living there during the 40's (and earlier) through present time, and the profits feed into the WNP's kitty at the same time...just a thought.
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