07/20/07 - posted by Leif Hatlen
This is a great subject and I would not know where to begin to suggest books about San Francisco. Over the years I have been collecting books and now have appoximately 250 books on California and San Francisco in my library. Before I mention a few of my favorites, I was surprised that anyone would mention the Kemble book on San Franciso Bay. I thought that I might be the only one who had a copy. I remember buying it at a remainder sale at Tro Harper's book store on Powell Street. In the book is one of the best photographs i have ever seen of the fog shrouded bay.
Now for some more suggestions:
Bronson- The earth shook,the sky burned (one of the first modern day books on the 1906 earthquake and fire)
Beebe-San Francisco's golden era
Asbury-The barbary coast
Camp-San Francisco:port of gold (an early history of the port)
Dickson-The streets of San Francisco and Tales of San Francisco
Dillon-Embarcadero, the hatchet men, shanghaing days
Duffus-Tower of jewels
Older-San Francisco:magic city
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