07/24/10 - posted by Paul Judge
Mary Ann, I'll read any book written by Kevin Starr. His works of history are enlightening and fulfilling reading. I look forward to getting my hands on this new title.

Will, I enjoyed reading John van der Zee's book, The Gate when it was published in the '80s. His account of the effort to design and build the Golden Gate Bridge pays tribute to the actual figure who did the engineering of the bridge. When I read this book I was impressed again to realize that all the mathematical calculations required and blueprints created were accomplished by scores of engineers and mechanical drafters using manual slide rule calculators, T-squares, and pen & ink on paper. And of course there was the grit and labor of those both skilled and unskilled who actually built that beautiful structure.

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of those accomplishments that so fits its setting and fulfills its purpose that one might mistake taking if for granted.

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