07/25/07 - posted by Paul Judge
Frank, my dad was invited to audit Father McGloins history class at USF in the early 1950s and always spoke highly of him and his history class. My dads store of historical knowledge was certainly influenced by Father McGloin. I sensed that they knew one another socially, possibly through family friend Father Richard E. Mulcahy who was another noted USF professor. It made an impression on us kids that our parents, with a sound high school education, were devoted readers and conversationalists about an array of topics.

Hearing of McGloins preference for Lone Mountain instead of sanctuary atop Mount Davidson or even Prayer Book Cross Hill in Golden Gate Park makes me think the good professor was playing to the co-educational interests of his male students. Taking Father McGloins suggestion one would find themselves seeking shelter from a quake amidst the old campus of Lone Mountain College for Women. As for the capability of the BART Tube, I recall engineers describing it as built like a wet noodle thus able to withstand seismic insult. Ill take mine al dente on high bedrock, thank you.

Im sure enjoying and appreciating the response to a call for books to recommend about local history and lore. This is good stuff everyone!
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