07/07/07 - posted by Jane
Yes the drive in on Judah was Franks. Growing up on 31st Avenue it was the place we used to hang out. Who didn't love the burgers and fries and the milkshakes made from real ice cream. Everyone wanted to work there but Frank worked it himself most of the time so he didn't need a lot of help. Two of my friends worked there - Donna Hassett and Eddie Sullivan - and it was free fries for us!
During the 50's & 60's the layout of 31st and Judah was Sunset Strip Liquours on the SW corner, "Doc's" Pharmacy on the NW corner, grocery store on the NE corner and 76 gas station on the SE corner. The grocery store became a print shop that used to give away paper to us kids for art projects. Rumor was that they got busted for counterfeiting. The gas station has been closed for years and an apartment building is going up now. The pharmacy turned into an asian video store that I have never seen anyone go into. But I probably miss the liquor store the most. Tom, the owner, would patiently count all the bottles we collected to turn into cash for comic books and such. He would cash checks when the bank was closed and he was always even open on holidays. My mom would always send one us up with a plate of food for him. He really was a nice guy and I wish he was still there!
As for the restaurant it was actually on the corner of 32nd and Judah. Can't remember the name but we used to have family dinners there. It was always an occasion when my mom walked in with six kids.
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