09/28/23 - posted by Eileen
Hi! I just read this long message about Franks Drive-In on 31st and Judah, San Francisco. When I was a kid it was a treat for me to go to Franks. Also mentioned in the post were the liquor store, drug store, Union 76 gas station. My dad owned the gas station and was a mechanic there. In 1969 the station was taken from us because my dad didn't own the property. Only everything inside it. He passed away 5 days after his 45th birthday. My brothers worked there at very young ages and grew up being mechanics after they finished being in the military. One day several years ago I drove up Judah to show my youngest son where his grandfather worked and it was gone. Just like what was said, apartments. My heart broke. We lived and were raised in Daly City. My grandparents lived on 44th Ave between Lincoln Way and Irving. What a great thing to find online.
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