10/24/11 - posted by Sherrell Cuneo
My mother came to the US from Germany in 1928, sponsored by one of her uncles who owned the Relish Bakery. They used to live in the flat upstairs and owned the bakery building and the dry goods next door. My mom worked in the bakery for many years and took care of her uncle till he died. The business passed on to one of the bakers named Karl Keller or Kettler (?), then on through a couple other bakers. The last baker (I don't recall his name) stripped the building when he left. I remember the brass stools at the soda fountain, and the old cash register, the last baker took it all.

We grew up visiting the Relish Bakery a lot, the cookies and cakes were great (I've never had a better birthday cake), and the cheesecake was fabulous!
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