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1938: Blackie, Wonder Horse Swims Golden Gate

The film is about 7 minutes long (17.5 Mb). Please adjust the volume on your computer speakers, as the audio quality has dropped due to the archival quality of the film.

Our friends at the San Francisco Media Archive recently uncovered this 1938 film of Blackie the Wonder Horse swimming San Francisco Bay. We'd like to thank Stephen Parr and Robert Chehoski for their help and hard work in making this available to us!

The San Francisco Media Archive is a non-profit institution dedicated to acquiring, preserving and making available film and related media materials to historians, researchers, imagemakers and the general public. Visit them at http://www.sfm.org.

News: The San Francisco Media Archive is actively looking for 8mm and 16mm home movies of San Francisco and the Bay Area and offers free digital transfer. (Don't let your memories waste away in the back of your closet. --David)

Please read Blackie's full story as told to Lorri Ungaretti.

  • Blackie the Wonder Horse

    Blackie the Wonder Horse swims the San Francisco Bay, October 1, 1938. (SF West History Minute Jul 28, 2008)
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