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Sutro Baths Burning, June 26, 1966

The film is about 3 minutes long (3 Mb). This film is silent and has no soundtrack.

Sutro Baths burned on June 26, 1966. This footage was shot by Joel Springer, and comes courtesy of our friend and WNP member Mark Adams. Mr. Springer chased and filmed many San Francisco fires, and we're indebted to his son for transferring the old 8mm to DVD.

Photos courtesy of the National Park Service, Cliff House Visitor Center.

Sutro Baths burning, June 26, 1966 from Point Lobos Avenue -

Sutro Baths burning, June 26, 1966, as seen from Ocean Beach with 400mm lens -

Sutro Baths burning, June 26, 1966 -

Sutro Baths burning, June 26, 1966 -

June 26, 1966, a view Sutro Baths burning from in front of the Cliff House. - Golden Gate NRA, GOGA-2303

Sutro Baths fire, June 26, 1966 -

Sutro Baths fire, June 26, 1966 -

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