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Fort Point: From Army Post to Historic Site WNP Event

Aug 3, 2023 6:00pm-7:30pm (Thursday)

Called “the fort that never fired a shot in anger,” Fort Point is one of San Francisco’s magnificent but near-hidden treasures. In this online illustrated talk hosted by Western Neighborhoods Project (WNP), author and historian John Martini reveals the stories of the fort’s construction, soldiers’ lives during the Civil War, the fort’s stunning architecture, its rescue when the Golden Gate Bridge threatened its demolition, and its restoration as a National Historic Site.

Please register using Eventbrite. This one-hour Zoom program is online only and will include time for Q&A. The program is free with a suggested donation of $10; donations are split evenly between WNP and John Martini. Please RSVP to receive the super-secret Zoom link.

This event has passed.

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