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WNP History Happy Hour with Kristine Poggioli and Carolyn Eidson WNP Event

Sep 14, 2022 6:30pm-8:30pm (Wednesday) at The Museum at The Cliff 1090 Point Lobos Ave

History Happy Hours hosted by Western Neighborhoods Project (WNP) are now in-person!

Join Nicole Meldahl and Chelsea Sellin as they enjoy adult beverages while chatting with local historians, artists, longtime west side residents and other surprise guests on Wednesday evenings at The Museum at The Cliff.

On Wednesday, September 14, 2022 at 6:30pm, we invite you to the former Cliff House Restaurant at 1090 Point Lobos Avenue for complimentary refreshments and a casual discussion with Kristine Poggioli and coauthor Carolyn Eidson--the first people known to have walked San Francisco's historic 49 Mile Scenic Drive (over one year, not it one day: sheesh!).

They did it by dividing the route into 17 neighborhood walks. Wanting to share this with other fun-loving people who love San Francisco, they researched the history along each mile of the Drive and turned their adventure into a turn-by-turn walking guidebook, cleverly titled: Walking San Francisco’s 49 Mile Scenic Drive.

Then, they challenged San Francisco to walk it too! Did the challenge succeed? Did they uncover any shocking SF history? How did their marriage survive while writing a book together? What is the 49 Mile Scenic Drive? So many questions...so many secrets to be spilled. Bring your questions, too, and be part of this friendly conversation as the authors tell us all about their adventure. It'll be a hoot!

Doors open at 6:30pm for check-in and the main program will begin at 7:00pm, running for approximately one hour. Afterwards, guests are free to explore our newest exhibition, "Naiad Cove," or simply hang out, mingle, and enjoy the view.

This program is $10 for WNP Members (and we absorb your Eventbrite fees) and $30 for non-members. If you aren't part of the WNP family already, you can fix this problem by joining WNP for the low low price of $50 a year.

Plus, for this event only, we have a special offer...If you donate $20 to WNP in advance, the authors will give you a signed book. BUT if you donate $100 to WNP in advance, the authors will give you a signed book AND an 18x22-inch metal replica of the iconic seagull SIGN! How cool is that?!

This event has passed.

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