West Portal School, Third Grade, 1940

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West Portal Third Grade 1940

John Allen donated this terrific scan of his West Portal Elementary third grade class to us. The kids were studying Mexico that year, as you can see. Can you identify any of the children John can't remember? Let Us Know!

Group on the Left:
Back Row: Edgar Akers; unknown; unknown; Ian Crawford.
Second Row: Standing: Winnie Smalley; Zelma Cramer*; Seated: Peter Baird; unknown; Wayne Lowell; Standing with box on back: unknown.
Front Row: Carol Foster; Myrtle Nelson; unknown; Lyle Smalley; unknown; Richard Schneider.

Two girls in center with flowers: unknown.

On the "boat":
Back Row:, Standing: unknown; John Jess; unknown; unknown.
Second Row: Seated: Arthur Ellsworth; John Allen; unknown; Charles Boyington.
Two girls in front: unknown.

* The Cramers owned a clothing store on the east side of West Portal Ave. at Vicente, next to the Empire Theatre.

Image: courtesy of John Allen.

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