Sunset Central Market, 1930s

Southwest corner of 20th Avenue and Noriega Street, showing Sunset Central Market and Noriega Pharmacy, mid 1930s., 1934 - Photograph by John Hills

Thanks to WNP member John Hills, who sent us a copy of this photograph he took in the 1930s. Mr. Hills describes the scene:

"The photo shows 20th Avenue and Noriega Street, southwest corner, and the Sunset Central Market run by Vic Barelich with butchers Russ Reynolds and Meryn Davidson. This was a long time before self-service, and we were simply waited on in a market—one would give a clerk a list of what was wanted or would simply give an order verbally. The clerk would then hustle around to the shelves, place the items on the counter, and complete the transaction.

"The Noriega Pharmacy, run by Lou Haimovitch and his lovely wife Edith, was a wonderful place: soda fountain, lunches and shakes, sundries (great old word), slot machine, etc. Opposite the Sunset Central was once a Piggly Wiggly market, and a few years later, up Noriega towards 19th Avenue, a new Safeway store opened, a fraction of today's size.

"My home address was 1739 21st Avenue—we were the original owners in 1930."

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