OMI News, May 2, 1969

OMI News, the publication of the OMI Community Association, 1969 - 1978., 1978 -

Note that these are excerpts of interest from this neighborhood newspaper, not the entire contents. Thanks to Linda Johnson for donating these papers to us to share.

The Publication of the Ocean View - Merced Heights - Ingleside Community Association

Vol. 1, No. 1. Editor: Barbara Emley. Assistant Editors: Anne Jayne, Eleanor Siden. Reporters: Margaret Brown, Charles Cogar, Marva Washington, Joan Wiegand.

YMCA Y-Indian Guides, Robert and John Gomez, Mike Baker, and Hank Gomez on Granada Street, 1969. - OMI News, May 2, 1969

Paper Drive May 16

OMI coffers are $4.35 richer because of the efforts of some Y-Indian Guides. Little Braves, Robert and John Gomez, and neighbor Mike Baker helped Big Brave, Hank Gomez, collect and deliver 1240 lbs. of old newspapers.

Need for Trees in OMI

One of the strongest felt needs in the OMI area is for more trees. The Beautification Committee does everything it can to take the initiative themselves. All it takes is for 12 residents of a block to decide they want trees, and almost like magic---Presto---they are here!!

The procedure for getting trees is almost that simple. The steps are:

1. 12 residents of a block sign a petition to the Park-Recreation Department saying they want to plant trees. 2. The Department will come out and cut the holes in the sidewalk for the trees. 3. The residents decide on the kind of trees they want. Here the Beautification Committee can be helpful. [...] 4. Buy the trees and plant them. The cost for the type of tree that will grow well here is about seven dollars.

49er at O'View

Tommy Hart, member of the San Francisco 49er football team, will be a director at Oceanview Recreation Center until August. Mr. Hart enjoys using the football off-season for work with young people. He hopes to do this on a full-time basis when he retires from professional athletics. A graduate of Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia, Mr. Hart was the 49ers' 10th round draft choice in 1968.

Grant Awarded to Institute

Ad for the Ethiopian International Beauty Salon, 1443 Ocean Avenue. - OMI News, May 2, 1969

The Multi Culture Institute, a private school on Miramar Street in the OMI area, has received a grant of $200,000 from the Ford Foundation. In November, Miss Harriet Haber came to OMI to seek endorsement for the institute and Mrs. E. Siden and Mr. C. Bryant saw to it that this endorsement was given.

At the Institute, children from four to six years learn to develop an understanding of their ethnic backgrounds through stories, folklore, history, songs and children's games. This program helps children understand not only their own backgrounds better, but also to understand and get along with children of other ethnic groups.

The grant allows for 100 students per year, with quotas established for 25 Jewish, 25 Chinese, 25 Latin-American and 25 Black children. If more funds become available, other ethnic groups may be incorporated.

Neighbors in the News

Michelle J. Epps, of Sadowa St., Althea Murdock, of Capitol St. and Adrian Suttle of Granada are among those young ladies who were presented at the 20th Century Club's Twenty-first Annual Cotillion held at the Sheraton Palace Hotel on April 26. This event is given for Bay Area graduating students with an A or B average.

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